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Basic requirements of our after-sale service:

1. If any quality problems such as manufacture, original or copy, Our company shall take full responsibility and bear all the economic losses incurred.

2.If any quality problems occurs within the guarantee period, our company shall provide on-site service after receive the buyer’s notice in 24 hrs.

3.Lead the SMT team to provide engineering support/service to production and customer We specialize in providing support services to Yamaha/Juki Pick&placement Machines. If you have questions,hope we can support you."


  1. QHow to Select the Best Stencil for SMT and Advanced IC Package Printing?

    AThe stencil selection process can be confusing, particularly when creating a stencil for a new application. This tutorial, which covers stencils for SMT and advanced IC 
  2. QHow to adjust FUJI NXT IPS the current value?

    A1)Remove the jigs,Press the lower button to display the current and grayscale values.2)Rotate the R-axis by hand to find the positions where the grayscale values (GR and GL) are maximized and minimized.Check that the minimum and maximum
  3. QWhat is the classification & advantage of smt splice tape?

    ASingle-sided feeding belt (multi-model), generally used with the feeding clamp and the material receiving copper buckle.The skilled operation staff can also directly use the four-sided sheet to take the adhesive tape without using the feeding clamp & Cheap.



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